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  • The rocky road to equality

    The road to equality for the LGBT community across the world is not much different in 2013 AD as it was in 2013 BC. Societies’ view on LGBT people still isn’t solid; it’s constantly changing as different groups vie for attention and supremacy in the eternal quest for peer-domination.

  • Equal marriage bill reaches Parliament

    The rights of LGBT people are some of the most important decisions that societies will ever take. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns, and push for equal marriage, and the students’ union will be there every step of the way. This week’s vote is just the beginning; support equal marriage, and support your fellow LSE students in making it happen.

  • Still a protest. Still needed. Still proud.

    This weekend, don’t hide behind your sofas. Embrace who you are, don your rainbow flag, and go join the march. Because Pride is for everyone that’s never fitted in or been bullied or ostracised because they were different. Pride is for you.

  • Rainbows, apples, and cyanide

    Alan Turing soared so very high and then fell further than he should ever have been allowed. We owe him a great debt for his work, and his story reminds us of the great debt we owe the LGBT community for their contribution to society. We owe it to his memory to never again persecute someone based on their sexuality.

  • The gender revolutionaries

    The GLF was more than just a pressure group. It was a movement. It catapulted the 1970s into questioning it’s approach to the question of gender and it’s very existence means that today, people like me have a voice in society; but the job is far from finished.

  • The MSM blood ban

    It’s about time the NBS get a grip and move beyond drawing circles around “gay” and “straight” and instead draw circles around “safe” and “not safe”."

  • The Dearing Compact is dead

    You can’t expect students to pay more for the same, or worse, more for less. That’s not how the market works, and it would have Lord Dearing spinning in his grave.

  • Fees or taxes? That is the question.

    Coalition ministers have already reminded us that “it is the job of reviews to make recommendations and the job of Government to make decisions”, but just how easy this decision will be and how much more students will be expected to pay remains to be seen until the vote in Parliament.

  • The Challenge of Student Engagement

    This speech was delivered in my capacity as a member of NUS’ National Executive Council at the Quality Strategy Network's December 2009 Symposium.